Daily email Number 310 – from the Vicar

We are looking at Psalm 10 today.Many Bible experts think that this might be linked to Psalm 9, because it doesn’t have a title like many of these early Psalms do.
A good proportion of the Psalm (vs.2-11) is the classic complaint that the wicked person seems to be prospering, is both hurting the innocent and weak, and also ignoring God, and acting as if He is powerless.’In all his thoughts there is no room for God.’ (v.4)’He says to himself, “God has forgotten; he covers his face and never sees.” ‘ (v.11)
And perhaps we have sometimes (even often) thought like that, as we see injustice around us, bullying of the weak, those with power using it wrongly and in a self-serving way, and seemingly getting away with it.  We are conscious of our own sinfulness and imperfections and blind spots, but yet there is a sense of right and wrong in us, of fairness and justice.The Psalms are there to cover every human emotion and experience.
So what do we do?  Take justice into our own hands?  Give up?  Perhaps wonder whether God is powerless?
Well the Psalmist prays (vs.12-15) that God will indeed call the wicked to account, by remembering the helpless and acting decisively.
And then the Psalm concludes (vs.16-18) as the Psalmist reminds himself that the Lord is indeed King and in charge (shades of our reading last Sunday), and that His rule is righteous where justice will prevail.May we have that confidence too today and always.

From our church address list, let us pray today for:- Roy and Rita- Robert & Jan.
Also from this Thursday (which is Ascension Day) for 11 days, there is the annual Thy Kingdom Come initiative when we are invited to pray for 5 people who do not yet know Jesus, that we have an opportunity to witness to them, and that they may come to know Him for themselves.  You might like to prayerfully think of who those 5 people might be for you.

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