Daily email Number 307 – from the Vicar

We have moved on to Psalm 7 in our daily readings.
David the Psalmist is under attack from his enemies, the title mentions Cush, a Benjamite, so possibly those who are linked to his predecessor King Saul who was from that tribe.
He calls out to God praying for justice (v.6), the end of violence brought about by the wicked, and the protection of the righteous (v.9).  (Look out for some of this played out in the life of the early church in our Bible reading this coming Sunday.)It is interesting that he checks his own standing and guilt before the Lord (vs.3-5), and asks the Lord to judge his own righteousness and integrity (v.8).  It is always good to be humble and honest about these things, and not just presume we’re okay.
The Psalm ends (v.17) with a note of thanks and praise as David ‘gives thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness’.  And that reminds us of course, as we’ve noted already when looking at the Psalms as part of the bigger Bible story, our righteousness is given to us as a gift from the Lord Jesus Christ, the truly righteous one, as we put our trust in Him, and not through our own works.

Praying through our church address list, please remember in your prayers today,- Kim Bon & Sin Wei- Charlene, along with young Ariah and Samuel

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