Daily email Number 306 – from the Vicar

We move on to Psalm 6 in our daily readings, and we come to another of these Psalms of lament, one of the clues is that question, ‘How long O Lord, how long?’ at the end of v.3, as David the Psalmist cries out to God.
Part of the anguish comes from enemies around about (vs.8-10), but there is also a sense here of the Psalmist’s own sinfulness which has caught up with him and causing him distress, and so the Bible experts call this one of the ‘Penitential Psalms’.
And so we read of David crying out for mercy and throwing himself upon the Lord, weeping for his sins (and there are a lot of tears in v.6!).  And by the end of the Psalm we sense a change of mood, that the Lord has heard David’s prayer, and some of his sadness has turned to gladness.
And we in a sense can pray this Psalm more clearly, because the Lord Jesus, the Son of David, who knows all about us, has come to deal with our sin, through his death on the cross.  He feels the burden of our sin, even though He knew no sin Himself.
The Gospels tell us that Jesus too weeps – at the grave of Lazarus, over Jerusalem when it failed to recognise Him, in the garden of Gethsemane.  And if we weep for our sins, Jesus too will weep with us, and then forgive us if we turn back to Him.As I write this, the words from the Christmas Carol, ‘Once in royal David’s city’ come to my mind:’And he feeleth for our sadness, and he shareth in our gladness.’
So may you and I repent/turn again from our sins today, as we feel their weight and throw ourselves on the mercy of the Lord, and rejoice in the forgiveness that is available, won through the precious blood and sacrifice of the Saviour.  To Him alone be the glory!

Praying through our church address list, we return back to the beginning again, and pray for,- Colin & Penny- Martin & Lucie.
And then just a reminder of our monthly church prayer meeting this evening via Zoom, hope to see a number of you there, link as follows:
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