Daily email Number 304 – from the Vicar

A crisp fresh morning today as we look at Psalm 4.
Here is one of those Psalms of Lament, which I have spoken about before, where David the Psalmist is praying, but the answer isn’t coming straightaway.  Note the double use of “How long?” in verse 2.
Actually if you look carefully at the text, v.1 is speaking to God in prayer, vs.2-5 is him speaking to the people, and then the last verses 6-8 speaking to God again.
The words to the people are warnings, not to love delusions and seek false gods, not to sin when they are angry, but instead to trust in the Lord.
And so the last verses are a sort of model from King David, and ultimately the Lord Jesus; this is how you and I should react/behave.In v.7 he remembers and testifies that the Lord has filled his heart with a greater joy than when grain and new wine abound, a symbol if you like of all the blessings of this life, good in their own way, but can only satisfy so far.And in v.8 he lies down and sleeps in peace because he trusts that he is in safe hands, whatever the situation of his own life, and the world around him.One preacher I heard said this verse is like a lullaby at the end of the day.
So perhaps read this Psalm again tonight before you go to bed!

In the Christian Institute’s week of prayer, today’s theme is children, conscious that today’s children are being bombarded with inappropriate images and ideas. So let us pray,- giving thanks for the recent High Court ruling protecting children from ‘sex-swap’ hormones. Pray it will be upheld at the appeal in June;- that schools will respect parents’ responsibility to protect children from inappropriate sex education and harmful transgender ideology;
– that the Government will keep its commitment to tighten abuse of trust laws and better protect children from sexual abuse.

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