Daily email Number 303 – from the Vicar

Our Bible reading today is Psalm 3, which as it says as part of its title, is a Psalm of David.  And slightly more unusually it gives its original context, that it was written at a particular moment of his life, when he was on the run from his son Absalom.  You can find the story in great detail in the 2nd Book of Samuel Chs.15-18.
And we see in vs.1-2, that the Psalmist is under great pressure, but actually that is often the normal experience of the individual Christian at any time, or indeed the church of Christ together.
And yet there are promises contained in vs.3-4 of safety, dignity, victory and the privilege of prayer.  And if we claim these then we indeed don’t have to fear, and can even lie down and sleep (vs.5-6).
And then we look forward to the victory (vs.7-8).  David the king is rescued and saved.  And Jesus the king (who David points ahead to) is also rescued and saved, in fact He is the Saviour, our Saviour. 
Whatever pressure you feel under today, be encouraged by these words today.
In the Christian Institute’s week of prayer, today’s theme is Sanctity of Life, with the reminder that last year, abortion was once again responsible for the most deaths worldwide. And so we pray,- that temporary rules allowing unsupervised abortions will be dropped;- with gratitude that assisted suicide is still illegal. Pray it remains so;
– with thanksgiving that the blanket use of Do Not Resuscitate orders has been exposed;
– that a Bill to end abortion on the ground of disability in Northern Ireland will succeed.

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