Daily email Number 300 – from the Vicar

Our passage is Acts Chapter 11 verses 1 to 18, the 5th and final scene in our story of Peter and Cornelius, and the Gospel being shared for the first time with Gentiles.
Back at HQ in Jerusalem people have heard what has happened, and so Peter goes and explains, but receives criticism because he has broken the rules about Jew/Gentile mixing.
And so we have a recap of the whole event as Peter tells the story again, the things we have been reading about in the last few days.
The key I think comes at the end, as Peter gives some meaning to it all (vs.16-17), that it was obviously the Lord at work, and so he was in no position to oppose it.And then the response of his hearers is also brilliant (v.18), they stopped their objections and praised God saying, ‘So then, God has granted even the Gentiles repentance unto life.’  The Lord’s plan of the message of salvation being taken ‘to the ends of the earth’ is beginning to happen.
We will continue with the story in our Sunday services tomorrow.

In our extended church address list, we appropriate to today remember our connections to the wider world, and pray for,- Fidel and Christine and the children at Gracepoint Church in Nairobi- Hannah working in North Africa (and planning to visit us virtually on Sunday 23rd May) and our Crosslinks student who has just finished his degree course in Myanmar- Frank & Val in Nazareth

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