Daily email Number 295 – from the Vicar

It has been good to spend the last 2 weeks of the daily email continuing to think about the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus, it is too big an event to restrict to just one day!!But now for something different.

I want to return to the story of the early church in the Acts of the Apostles which we were studying on Sundays in the Autumn (Chs.2-8), and then Chapter 9 earlier this year.
However, the next story about Peter and Cornelius, set in about 5 episodes with some repetition, is better told broken up on a daily basis, I think, rather than 1 or 2 long readings on Sundays.  It is a very important story though because it is the first detailed account of the gospel going to Gentiles.
So our reading today is Acts Chapter 10 verses 1 to 8, as we are introduced to Cornelius, a Roman soldier, a good, devout, prayerful and God-fearing man.  However, the Lord knows he needs more, he needs to hear the message of salvation.  And so He sends an angel into his life to disturb him(!), and is given detailed specific instructions to point him in the direction of Simon Peter.
More next week…

Let us today continue to remember Her Majesty the Queen and the rest of the royal family as the funeral is held for the Duke of Edinburgh, and also to remember others we know who have lost loved ones in recent times, that the Lord would be very real to them, and comfort them in their loss.

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