Daily email Number 291 – from the Vicar

Our passage from the Bible today is 1 Corinthians Chapter 15 verses 20-28, as St Paul continues his argument about the importance of the Resurrection, and what it means.
What he is saying that Christ’s resurrection, which he describes as “the firstfruits” (vs.20, 23) – an OT term referring to the first sheaf of the harvest dedicated to the Lord, is the guarantee of the resurrection of all of God’s redeemed people, those who have out their trust in the Saviour.Then in vs.21-22 there is this great contrast between Adam and Christ, the one who brings death, and the One who brings life.But this guarantee of resurrection for those who are in Christ is brought to fruition, ‘when he comes’ (v.23), referring to his 2nd coming, His return.
And the rest of this section, vs.24-28, is outlining in general terms something of what happens when ‘the end will come’ (v.24), as Christ obviously reigns as King, and as his enemies are obviously and finally defeated.It is cosmic stuff, and that is why the resurrection is so important as well as so exciting.
So perhaps look up an Easter hymn or song, and listen to it or sing it to yourself today.  If you know something of Handel’s Messiah, there is a particular loud chorus near the end which specifically covers verses 21-22. 

In our church address list, we pray today for,- Sharon & George- Roger, Sue & Daniel
Then as announced yesterday in our services I am restarting our monthly prayer meetings to pray for the work and life of the church and other things.  So if you can join me this Wednesday evening starting at 7.30pm for about an hour that would be great.  Zoom link as follows:
Time: Apr 14, 2021 07:30 PM London

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Meeting ID: 897 1019 4872
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