Daily email Number 288 – from the Pastor

Today we complete our reading of Luke’s account in Luke 24:13-35.

Luke is the only gospel writer to include the account of the meeting of the risenJesus with two disciples on the road to Emmaus, a village about seven miles from Jerusalem.

Although Jesus was there to be seen, they didn’t recognise Him.  Starting with this phrase we can see a parallel here in the experience of people coming to know Jesus.  They knew about Him but had not believed, so Luke says that “they were kept from recognising Him”.  They were disillusioned because they had preconceived ideas about Jesus that He didn’t live up to, so they had given up and were going home.  

But they had heard the testimony of others who had seen the risen Jesus, but still they hadn’t believed.  It was necessary for Jesus to explain the whole message from the scriptures, to give them the understanding of what had happened, and why.  This is why we don’t just witness to what Jesus has done in our lives, but use the Bible to explain the basis of the change He has made in us.

Then we see that the disciples are ready for Jesus to reveal to them who He is.  That was a necessary conclusion to His explanation of the scriptures.  Otherwise it would have been just head knowledge without that personal recognition and acceptance.  Then He left them, but as He had promised that was because when they believed, the Holy Spirit would be with them to “teach them all things”,

Next they felt compelled to go and tell the others what they had seen and heard.  This is always the next step in the life of those who receive Jesus through their understanding of the scriptures.

So we can see what compelled Luke to include this account in his gospel.

We pray today for 

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