Daily email Number 285 – from the Pastor

We have celebrated the resurrection of Jesus.  As He lives, so shall we live in eternity.
The disciples finally came to understanding and were overjoyed.  This week we are going to look at the resurrection accounts in the other gospels and again see the distinctive contribution of each author.  Today we shall read Matthew 28:1-20.

All the writers are aware of the importance of the resurrection for belief in Jesus that leads to salvation.  If the stories were fabricated, they wouldn’t have mentioned that it was the women who went first to the tomb and saw the risen Jesus.  They were there very early while it was still dark,   There was an earthquake, a violent shaking of the ground, an angel appeared and rolled away the stone, so that they could see that Jesus was no longer there.  They were told to go and tell the disciples, and that they would see Him later in Galilee.

The guards needed to report all this to the priests.  That now created a problem, because they had been the guarantee that no-one could remove the body without them seeing.  So a lie was needed as a cover up, and the guards had to admit to gross dereliction of duty, in that they had allowed the disciples to steal the body!  It seems people believe what they want to believe, never mind the truth!

Matthew’s account is a condensed account of all that happened, but he ends his gospel with the final great commission of Jesus to the disciples, that continues to call followers of Jesus today to follow in the footsteps.  Into all the world.  Where is He calling you?

Praying today for 
Terry & Dawn
Mary, Sharon’s mother

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