Daily email Number 284 – from the Vicar

Our Bible passage today is Luke Chapter 23 verses 50 to 56, ‘The Good Man’.
Here is the lovely story of Joseph of Arimathea, a rich and well-connected man, a member of the Sanhedrin, who comes out of the shadows, nails his colours to the mast, and asks Pilate for Jesus’ body, so he can have a decent burial.
By giving all these details, Luke makes it clear that Jesus definitely died and people knew where He was buried (important information for what is about to come next!).
But Sinclair Ferguson is his devotional then points out the way Luke frames his whole gospel, something I’ve never seen before.’His story of Jesus’ life begins with him being cared for by a man named Joseph, who places him in a borrowed resting place, in which no baby had ever been laid.  It ends with Jesus being cared for again by a man named Joseph, who lays him in another borrowed resting place, where no man had ever been laid.’Isn’t that brilliant?He continues, ‘At the cross, Jesus had given up what was his for the sake of Joseph.  Now Joseph was giving up what was his for the sake of Jesus.  That is what it means to be a disciple.’
So to reflect,’The gospel is sometimes called “the great exchange”.  Christ took our place and gave himself for us.  But that leads to another exchange: we give ourselves to Christ and live for him.  Is there a way in which the Spirit is prompting you and I to recommit ourselves to this second exchange?’

From the church address list we pray today for,- Lynn, Paul and family- Jason & Corette, Pieter and Zarah.

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