Daily email Number 281 – from the Vicar

Our Bible passage to day is Luke Chapter 23 verses 27 to 31, ‘The daughters of Jerusalem’.
On His way to the cross there are some who are there to mock Jesus, but others, including these women, who were there to sympathise and support.
But Jesus, rather than saying words of gratitude, instead gives them words of loving warning.  He knows that His suffering will end and there is a glorious purpose, the salvation of all who put their trust in Him.  But for those left behind there is a coming crisis, as well as an ultimate one.
Our writer, Sinclair Ferguson, points to the words of prophecy that Jesus has already given about the siege of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple in AD70 (Luke Chapter 21 vs.20-24).But this is also the precursor for the final day of judgement as outlined in Revelation Ch.6 vs12-17 – do read it if you get a moment, you will see some overlapping of words with our reading today.
So SF concludes, ‘If the judgment that is to be poured out on sin is “the wrath of the Lamb”, who came to save sinners – how tragic not to weep for ourselves; and how foolish not to be driven by our tears to find a hiding place in Christ. … (because) outside of Christ, we stand condemned. The women of Jerusalem needed to know that if all they saw was that Jesus needed their sympathy, then they had misunderstood him altogether.  He was carrying the judgment of God against the sin of the world.  Unless they found a hiding place in him, no amount of sympathy would save them from the events of the future.  And the same is true of us.’
So to reflect today. ‘There is a huge difference between a sentimental view of the cross – which stirs up a self-gratifying feeling of sadness – and a serious view of it – which focuses soberly on Christ.  Which view are you closer to?  Run now to Jesus as he is: your hiding place.’

In our church address list, we return back to the beginning and remember in our prayers today,- Colin & Penny- Martin & Lucie

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