Daily email Number 276 – from the Vicar

Our Bible passage is Luke Chapter 22 verses 47-53 and 63-65, ‘The temple soldiers’.
Jesus is arrested in the garden, but as our writer points out this isn’t just Jesus’ betrayer and enemies doing their worst, but there is a yet more powerful and sinister enemy at work – ‘But this is your hour, when darkness reigns’ (v.53).
And then in the 2nd little section, Jesus is with the temple soldiers, and they play what Sinclair Ferguson calls, “Blind Prophet’s Buff”.
He writes,’Jesus was that prophet (promised long ago by Moses).  But his own people did not believe him when he prophesied.  And now they trivialise his ministry in their callous game.  Pushing him around, slapping and beating him, they shout at him, If you are really a prophet, tell us who is hitting you now!  They pour humiliation on him.  No one comes to his defence.Jesus stands before them, the Divine Ser, whom they blindfold.  He is the one on whose lips are God’s words, yet they slap him on the mouth.  He is the prophet promised by Moses.  But they are too blind to recognise him.And they do not realise that, even in doing this the prophecies concerning the prophet are being fulfilled.’And he quotes Isaiah Chapter 50 verse 4-6 – do read it if you get a moment.
Re-read these verses in Luke, pausing periodically to remember that it was all for your sake.

In our extended church address list, let us remember in our prayers today,- Andrew, our Minister-in-training- George & Pat

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