Daily email Number 274 – from the Vicar

Our Bible passage today is Luke Chapter 22 verses 31 to 38, ‘The self-deceiving apostle’.
A poignant passage today as Simon Peter makes his stand for Jesus saying that he is ready to go with Jesus all the way, and yet we know what happens next, and before the chapter ends he has denied Jesus three times.
Actually Simon Peter’s stand is in response to Jesus’ statement in v.31 that Satan was going to test all the disciples, the word “you” in that verse is plural; but Jesus concentrates on SP, saying that He is praying for “you”, singular.  He prays that Peter’s impending denial will not lead him to abandon the faith, because later he will have a special job to do, ‘strengthen your brothers ‘ (v.32). 
Our writer, Sinclair Ferguson writes this:”It is surely one of the mysteries of God’s providence in Peter’s life – and also in our own lives – that without minimising his failure, God seemed to build it into the way he was preparing him to be an under-shepherd of his frail and sometimes straying flock.  Our God is able to make all things work together for good for those who love him.  So whatever we’ve done in the past, our lives need not be fruitless.  Failure is never final when Jesus prays for us.’
So to reflect today:’We are not preserved in the Christian life by our own courage, strength or wisdom, but only by the intercession of Jesus, without which none of us would be able to stand.  How does that truth encourage or challenge you?’

In our extended church address list, let us add our prayers to those of Jesus, and pray today for,- Pat and Catherine- Jotham and Jethro

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