Daily email Number 272 – from the Vicar

Our reading today is Luke Chapter 22 verses 1 to 6, ‘The Betrayer’.
Here is a most poignant lesson to all as we read about Judas Iscariot and how he agrees to betray Jesus.
Sinclair Ferguson in his devotional traces through the privileges that Judas enjoyed; to be called to be an apostle by Jesus (Luke Ch.6), to witness all the amazing things that Jesus did and said, to be sent out to do similar things in Jesus’ name (Luke Ch.10), and yet now was falling away.It seems that this falling away may have been begun with a temptation to do with money, but now his character had become warped enough to be a landing ground for Satan to enter (v.3).
And so he ends, ‘What a warning sign Judas is to us to make sure what begins as small, and perhaps seems to us only to be momentary backsliding, is brought to Christ for forgiveness.  The only way to do that is to make sure that you hide nothing from him and that you live in his presence.  Judas didn’t.’
So to reflect, ‘Is there anything you’re hiding from Jesus?  Bring it into the light of his presence now.  Then read 1 John Ch.1 v.7 and rejoice.’

As we continue to pray for those on our church address list, we remember today,
– Derek & Joanna- Doreen.

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