Daily email Number 269 – from the Vicar

Our Bible passage today as we continue our journey through the 2nd half of Luke’s Gospel is Chapter 20 verses 1 to 8, where we meet ‘The chief priests’.
Here is an interesting exchange between Jesus and the chief priest and their entourage where he answers their question with a question of his own, which leaves them unable to answer without incriminating themselves!
Our writer, Sinclair Ferguson writes as follows:’We see once again that Jesus didn’t just answer questions; he answered the questioner.  Sometimes there is a big difference. … His question revealed their false motives, their sinful hearts and their inconsistency.’
In applying this to ourselves, so we don’t fall into the verbal traps of others, he writes, ‘So always ask yourself not only “What is the answer to this question?” but also “Why is this person asking it?”
‘Do you know people who try to entrap you as a Christian?  How can Jesus’ example help you?’

Moving down our church address list, we pray today for,- Roy & Rita- Robert & Jan

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