Daily email Number 268 – from the Vicar

Dear All,
Our Bible passage today is Luke Chapter 19 verses 28 to 48, ‘The multitude on the road’ covering the story of the triumphant entry into Jerusalem, on what we now call Palm Sunday, and the clearing of the temple.
Our devotional writer makes these interesting points. ‘See Jesus’ ability to ride on an unbroken colt (vs.30-35) while a vast, excitable and noisy crowd presses in on him.  He comes with the authority of God’s appointed King…See Jesus speak with authority to the Pharisees (vs.39-40) – for he comes as God’s prophet to speak his last word. See Jesus drive out the profiteers from the temple (vs.45-46) – for he comes to exercise the holy ministry of God’s priest in the house of God. He was the Messiah, the anointed One.’
So he finishes with these reflective questions. ‘What in particular strikes you as making Jesus worthy of your praise?  Have you welcomed him and said, “Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord”?’

Moving down our church address list we pray today for,- Terry & Dawn- Mary, Sharon’s Mum.

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