Daily email Number 264 – from the Vicar

Just a short passage today, though probably well known to many of you, Luke Chapter 18 verses 15 to 17, which our writer entitles ‘The Kingdom Infants’.
Against His disciples’ wanting to turn parents and their children away, Jesus says 3 things,
‘Let the children come to me; don’t stand in their way.’  And Sinclair Ferguson makes the point that these could be very young children/babies.
‘To such children belongs the kingdom of God.’  Therefore they are not unimportant and shouldn’t be ignored.
‘If you (meaning everyone) don’t receive the kingdom of God like a child, you will not enter it.’  All of us, whatever our age, have to receive these things/these blessings like a gift, we cannot earn them.
So whether we are parents/grandparents/godparents we have to take our children to Jesus for His blessing, in prayer or in more physical ways.
So SF asks us to reflect as follows: ‘If Jesus loved little children, and wanted them to come to him, shouldn’t you love them too?  He still does!  Spend time praying for children in your church family.’
So here is a list: Young people: Jotham, Jethro, Pieter, Zarah, George, Nashe. Children: Ariah, Samuel, Kelsey, Bennet, Emelia.

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