Daily email Number 263 – from the Vicar

Our Bible passage today is Luke Chapter 17 verses 20 to 37, which Sinclair Ferguson entitles ‘The Interrogators’.
His devotional however is all about the Kingdom of God, a very common phrase in the Gospels, but what does it mean?  It sometimes seems an elusive idea/concept.
He asks, ‘What then, could this kingdom be?  How has it come near them?  Answer: Jesus is the King: wherever he is reigning, the kingdom of God is present.  The kingdom is among them; indeed its King is standing right in front of them!   …To be in this kingdom means to have entrusted yourself to King Jesus as your Saviour and to have received his pardon.  The citizens in this kingdom are members of the ultimate royal family.’
Therefore he concludes with these reflective questions,’Have you seen and entered the kingdom yet?  If so, when was the last time you prayed “your kingdom come, your will be done”? Is there anything stopping you from praying that now?’

This is a reminder that that the third instalment of the Peterborough DEF Lent Bible School (as below) will be taking place on Zoom from 7.30 to 8.30pm TONIGHT, with Ed Shaw speaking for about 30 minutes and then answering questions for another 30.  Ed is a pastor at Emmanuel City Centre Church in Bristol, and has personal experience of these issues, and is a very good speaker.

  • Week 3.            Relationships [Ed Shaw, 10th March]

What kind of relationships does God call us to? What can we affirm and what can’t we?

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Over 70 people have been watching the talks on Zoom, and there’s room for more, particularly as it’s online.
In the final part of our extended address list please remember today in your prayers our overseas connections, Fidel & Christine and children in Kenya, Hannah in Tunisia, Saw Myint in Myanmar (once again under military rule), Frank & Val in Nazareth, Israel.

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