Daily email Number 261 – from the Vicar

Our Bible passage today is Luke Chapter 17 verses 5-10 which our writer entitles as, ‘The apostles who wanted to grow’.I realise that these verses, and I could be referring to vs.1-10, are not as well-known or spoken about than other parts of Luke’s Gospel.
It is hard to summarise what Sinclair Ferguson, our devotional writer, is saying in a few words, but he writes a lot about faith, but strongly reminds us that faith is less about us but all about the Lord.He mentions a Sunday School/Youth Group saying, which I had never heard of, FAITH is “Forsaking All ITake Him”.’Faith is always receptive of God’s promises and never a contributor to his actions.  Thus, the man or woman of faith contributes nothing to Christ, receives everything from Christ, and does everything for Christ.’
And so he asks his readers at the end to reflect on this, ‘When I see by faith that I am nothing and Christ is everything, then I can receive by faith everything he has done for me.’

Let us remember in our prayers today children and young people that we know from our families or our church or our neighbours who are returning to school either today or later this week; and for teachers and other members of staff.And in particular for St Mary’s and Kings Heath Primary Academy, the schools on Kings Heath, but others too in our area where there are connections.

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