Daily email Number 259 – from the Vicar

Dear All,
Our passage from the Bible today is Luke Chapter 14 verses 25 to 32, which my NIV Bible entitles ‘The cost of being a disciple’, but Sinclair Ferguson our writer entitles ‘The crowd that needs challenging’, because he is focussing each day on Jesus and the people that He met.
In a very punchy devotional, Sinclair reflects that as a young Christian he heard many talks on a passage such as this about taking up the cross, counting the cost, making sacrifices; but not so many nowadays, even when discipleship might be the theme.
And towards the end he writes, ‘After his (Jesus’) death, those words must have come back to the disciples with overwhelming force.  He was asking them to be willing to do what he would first do for them.  If this is the case, no wonder we need to sit down and count the cost…Once again Jesus makes clear that following him – becoming a disciple, being a Christian, is an all-or-nothing business.’
So to reflect today – ‘Have you given yourself to Jesus?  Only if you have will you be able to give up anything for Jesus.  How do we see Jesus demonstrating this same cross-shaped commitment to us?
A lot to ponder…

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