Daily email Number 256 – from the Vicar

Our Bible passage today is less well-known I think, and unique to Luke’s Gospel, Chapter 13 verses 1-5, entitled by our devotional writer as ‘The tellers of tragedy’.However, it raises issues and questions about suffering that are very relevant to us today.
Sinclair Ferguson is very perceptive in his commentary. ‘We need to pay close attention to what Jesus is saying.  He is not denying that human sin can lead to human tragedy.  Actions have consequences.  But he is saying categorically that we cannot simply draw straight lines back from human tragedy to personal sin.’
‘We therefore need to avoid the folly of trying to work out the incomprehensible (“Why did that happen to them?”) while failing to recognise what our own sin deserves at the hands of the God of love we have despised, and the God of holiness we daily offend.’
So as a reflection today…’Thank God that through faith in Jesus Christ there is the forgiveness of sins.  But remember that the faith that turns to Christ always involves the repentance that turns away from sin.  What do you need to repent of today?’

We continue with our extended church address list, and so I encourage you to remember today in your prayers former church members who have linked up with us again,
– Vikkie, Robbie and baby Nora- Champa- Tina Tibbett

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