Daily email Number 255 – from the Vicar

Our Bible passage today is Luke Chapter 12 verses 22 to 34, entitled ‘The fearful flock’ and is sort of linked to the subject matter of the previous passage but from a different point of view.
In his devotional Sinclair Ferguson writes of the commands that Jesus gives here, ‘Do not worry’ (v.22) and ‘Do not be afraid’ (v.32), but more importantly that Jesus gives lots of reasons why His followers shouldn’t worry or be afraid because of all that the Lord has done, or will do for us.  The passage reminds us that God cares and provides for us, so do not…
So a final reflection;’Since God has given his Son to die for me, he will provide me today with everything I really need!  When in your day will you need to remember that?’

We continue with our extended church address list, and so I encourage you to remember today in your prayers,
– Andrew- George & Pat

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