Daily email Number 253 – from the Vicar

We have a longer Bible passage today, Luke Chapter 11 verses 37 to 54, entitled ‘The offended Pharisee’.
You will note that Jesus really lays into both the Pharisees and later the experts in the law, particularly concerning their various traditions.
Our writer Sinclair Ferguson puts it like this,’But their scrupulous concern about washing hands, and cups and dishes, was not matched by a concern to have clean hearts.  They confused the symbol with the reality. And yes, they made a show of giving alms, but they were not offering their hearts either to man or to God.       ……..They were more interested in and emotionally committed to their own trivial distinctives than to what really honoured and glorified God: namely genuine love for him and for their neighbours.’
So to reflect on today…’Jesus described the Pharisees elsewhere as “hypocrites” – a Greek word for actors who wore masks to play parts in a play.  They were one person on the stage but another in real life.  But hypocrisy begins to disappear when you realise that your real audience is God.  When will you need to remember that today?’

We now continue on to our extended church address list, and so I encourage you to remember today in your prayers,- Jotham and Jethro- Pat and Catherine

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