Daily email Number 251 – from the Vicar

Our Bible reading today is Luke Chapter 11 verses 14-26 entitled ‘The Speechless man’, do read it first before looking further.
But what comes out of this miracle is the discussion about good and evil, and the battle between Jesus and Satan.
So Sinclair Ferguson finishes his devotional like this…
‘We live now in the aftermath of that victory (Jesus’ victory over Satan on the cross).  But we are still awaiting for the final destruction of Satan’s kingdom.  So long as that is so, the evil one will try to get revenge on Jesus by attacking his disciples.  The Christian life is a battle right to the end!  But in that battle Jesus is the winner.  And those who belong to him are on the winning side.’
And he asks us to reflect…
‘Do not be puzzled if the Christian life is a battle today.  Jesus said that it would be.  Look out for those moments of conflict, and in the midst of them, rejoice that you are ultimately on the winning side.’

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