Daily email Number 250 – from the Vicar

Our Bible reading today is Luke Chapter 11 verses 1-13 and entitled ‘The disciple who wanted a simple way to pray’.  Do read the passage first.
You will see then that Jesus’ teaching on prayer follows from one of His disciples asking for help.
Sinclair Ferguson in his devotional tells a lovely story of Martin Luther helping his barber to pray!  Luther suggested that his barber should take each of the phrases in the Lord’s Prayer and use them as a framework and stimulus for his own prayers.  He taught him to reflect on each statement and develop it in praise and petition.
And so that is what we might do today, to stop and take some time to pray through the Lord’s Prayer in this way. 

As we continue to work through our church address list day by day, we also remember today in our prayers,- Doreen- Sharon & George

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