Daily email Number 248 – from the Vicar

We skip a few verses and come to one of the most famous parables in the New Testament as Jesus meets ‘The self-defence lawyer’ in Luke Chapter 10 verses 25-37.
Here is a man who thought he was testing Jesus, but the reverse was actually true.  There was a sting in this tale!  It is always that way with Jesus.  Sinclair Ferguson tells a little pointed story against himself (you’ll have to ask someone who is reading the book for the full details ) and then finishes with this reflection…
‘Many people will be reading this page today and reflecting on this passage at the same time.  At least, one of us will be tested, surely.  How will you respond if it is you?  Pray that you will be ready.

As we continue to work through our church address list day by day, we remember today in our prayers,- Nova- Shirley and family

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