Daily email Number 247 – from the Vicar

Jesus’ journey continues and so today we meet ‘Three men on the road’ from Luke Chapter 9 verses 57-62.
Jesus makes some seemingly tough demands here to the people he meets.
Sinclair Ferguson finishes his devotional thoughts on this passage by saying,’Jesus does not call every disciple to leave home.  Earlier in this Gospel, he told a man who wanted to follow him to go home and serve him there (Ch.8 vs.38-39).  But what this passage teaches us is that Jesus wants “I am willing to give up everything, go anywhere, do anything for you” disciples.’
So he asks these questions for reflection,What reservations do you have about Christ’s lordship over your life?What gives you confidence that he is worth following?

As we continue to work through our church address list day by day, we remember today in our prayers,- Roy & Rita- Robert & Jan

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