Daily email Number 246 – from the Vicar

Dear All,
For those who don’t have the book some of are using, I realise a few words of extra explanation might be helpful.  One of the points that our writer Sinclair Ferguson makes in his devotional is that on this journey that Jesus undertakes, we will meet several different and interesting people, and they are often the titles of his different chapters, and we will think about them (and us) and that’s fine.  But actually when we read the Gospels the person we should be thinking about the most is the Lord Jesus Himself, hence the questions from yesterday.
So our passage today is Luke Chapter 9 verses 51-55 entitled ‘The Sons of Thunder’.
Here we see John and his brother James in action living up to the description of them early on in the Gospels of being the Sons of Thunder (Mark Ch.3 v.17).  But now the Christian view of John is that he was the “apostle of love”, quite a transformation.
So some questions to reflect on…
Think back to a recent incident when you experienced rejection.  If the great test of love is how we handle rejection, what did your response reveal about you?
How does John’s story give you hope?

As we continue to work through our church address list day by day, we remember today in our prayers,- Terry and Dawn- Mary, Sharon’s Mum

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