Daily email Number 245 – from the Vicar

It is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, and I am back.
Many thanks indeed to Derek who has done a long stint on the Daily Email taking us through the book of Ecclesiastes and a wide overview of the work of the Prophets in the Old Testament and their link to the NT and to today.
So, from today some of us will be reading our Lent Devotional, ‘To seek and to save’ by Sinclair Ferguson, tracing the journey of Jesus to Jerusalem and to the Cross as recorded in Luke’s Gospel.For those who haven’t got the book, I thought I would just give you the same passage each day, so we can journey together, and Sinclair’s probing reflective questions at the end of each section.
So today is just 1 verse(!), Luke Chapter 9 verse 51 under the title, ‘The disciples who noticed the mark’.’When you read the Gospels, do you tend to look for Jesus or only for a reflection of yourself?What do you see of Jesus in this verse that moves you to praise Him?’

As we continue to work through our church address list day by day, we remember today in our prayers,- Lynn and Paul, along with Billy

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