Daily email Number 244 – from the Pastor

We conclude today our look at what God is saying to us through the prophets.  It was all about awakening a faith in the purpose of God for the world and more intimately, for our lives.  That was why the writer to the Hebrews reviewed the heroes of faith in the Old Testament.  The faithful ones described in that chapter 11 did not receive the things promised in their lifetimes, Hebrews 11:13 and we are no different.  We have still not seen the fulfilment of the prophecies of the end times.  Death by many means is still swallowing people up.  Evil, not good, still seems to be winning.  

But through their strange and complex images and visions, the prophets present a wholly different view of the world.  They offer hope, and something else: a challenge to us to live out lives transformed by grace testifying to the World as God Wants It in this life, right now.  In the Kingdom of God on earth, we can participate in the great struggle that will some day usher in a new heaven and a new earth.  We may never fully understand the toes and horns of Daniel’s beasts, or the exact meaning of Revelation 12, but we can believe that our struggle is against principalities and powers, that God will prove Himself trustworthy and set right all that is wrong.  If we can demonstrate God’s passion for justice and truth in this world, then the prophets will have fulfilled their purpose.

Then we can have the confidence to believe in the present what will fully make sense only when seen from the future.

We pray today for:
Sin Wei & Kim Bon
Charlene, Ariah & Samuel

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