Daily email Number 243 – from the Pastor

Did you find it difficult to get your head around seeing things from God’s point of view?  We are very earthbound aren’t we, and don’t really think of things that way.  But what is in the Bible is all there for a purpose, and to bless us.  But there are contradictions in the world we live in and they do lead us to question God’s wisdom, or his power or his love, just as we have seen in Job, the Psalms, Habbakuk and Jeremiah.  Constrained as we are by time, we see the world’s events minute by minute, hour by hour.  The prophets call us to see the big picture, God’s ultimate purpose, to see a time when God’s reign will fill the earth with light and truth.   When Habbakuk said  “The just shall live by faith” he meant that we cling to faith in God’s goodness even when the world is falling apart.  The prophets offer us hope.

What difference do these ancient prophetic visions make to our life in this imperfect world?  Against all appearances, they awaken in us what we hope or know to be ultimately true.  The fact that we believe in a God of justice and peace and hope does make a difference to the way we face the world.  By giving us a glimpse of the future, the prophets make it possible for us to believe in the justice of God and that there is no future in evil, only in good.  Isaiah expresses it perfectly in Isaiah 25.  And God spells it all out in Isaiah 65.

To close, after those long readings, (hope you had time to read them), we read in Hebrews 11 that faith consists of “being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see.”

Lord, open my eyes of faith, to see You, and what You are doing in the world.

Please pray today for:
Colin & Penny
Martin & Lucie

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