Daily email Number 240 – from the Pastor

Good morning, 

We ended yesterday on a note about the glorious future foreseen by the prophets in the Old Testament.  But why would they think the distant future had any relevance to their people thousands of years ago?  I think they wanted to demonstrate the principle that the future would be determined by God’s actions and not the actions of present day rulers and the suffering, chaos and political upheaval that seemed so devastating at the time.  But to be credible, their prophecies needed present day confirmation in their lifetime.  So prophecy works better in reverse.  Matthew or Paul could look back and show how Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies, even though most people at the time failed to make the connection.  They had limited their expectancy to a new Davidic King to return to power in Jerusalem, but God’s plan was to send a Servant King to rule over the whole universe.  The author to the Hebrews expressed it like this: Hebrews 1:1-3a.  

For this reason, we should approach the Book of Revelation with cautious humility and not dogmatic statements.  John wrote in terms that would be understood in his day (horsemen, the harlot Babylon, streets of gold) but we can’t be certain how these prophecies will play out.  But I believe God will fulfil them in a way that surpasses our expectations.  so He gives us a vision of the world God planned for us to encourage us even in times of turmoil and despair.  Whether we fear a nuclear holocaust, a virus that wipes out most of humanity, or global warming that destroys large areas of human habitat, are we trusting in a loving, powerful God even in the midst of all the fear?  We want the future, but we have to live in the present but live in the light of the future He promises.  

We believe that the world as it is, will become the world as God wants it!

Let’s pray for our extended family:
Vickie & Robbie
Champa & family

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