Daily email Number 235 – from the Pastor

Seemingly in answer to the accusations of hiddenness, God points to the prophets themselves as evidence of his concern, Amos 3:7.  It seems that people were and are constantly calling on God to prove Himself with signs and miracles.  Yet the Old Testament reveals that the people responded to such signs with stubborn rebellion and often acted as though He didn’t exist.  So now, with a new tactic, God is revealing Himself through the power of the word.  God is choosing through the prophets to communicate the anguish He feels at the people’s unbelief.  Often it was the prophets who suffered as a result.  Jeremiah cried out  Jeremiah 20:9 .  

Look at God’s specific replies to the prophets’ questions.  He tells of the value of pruning an unruly plant (or nation), points proudly to a remnant of faithful followers, recounts historical proofs of his love, promises a Messiah deliverer, and concludes with a prophecy of the future when all that is wrong on earth will be set right.  The message that shines through in all of this, is that we matter to God.  We read not only about a powerful God who flings the stars into space, but one who cares about how we treat each other and about how an individual cares for the widows and orphans.  As we saw in the Psalms the writers expressing their intimate feelings to God, in the prophets God talks back in the same way.
“How do I feel?  I feel like a man who falls in love with the most beautiful girl.  I find her thin and wasted, but I bring her home to heal her and let her beauty shine.  I lavish gifts and love on her, but she forsakes me.  She lusts after my friends, my enemies, anyone.  She stands on the street and pays men to have sex with her.  I feel betrayed, abandoned, jilted.”  Hosea had to live this out to show what God was feeling about his people.  

How does God really feel?  Isaiah 42:14.  God is not an impersonal deity, but a real Person, as passionate as any person you have met.  God feels delight, frustration, and anger.  He weeps and moans with pain.  He is shocked by human behaviour, that, God says, “I did not command or mention, nor did it enter my mind” (Jeremiah 19:5).   The prophets are saying that God loves human beings, the crown and purpose of His creation.  And that includes you, and me.

Thank Him today for His love for you and His provision of all we need,

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