Daily email Number 234 – from the Pastor

I suggested yesterday that the prophets do in fact deal with the same problems that face the modern world: the silence of God, economic disparity, injustice, war, the apparent domination of evil, the unrelieved suffering in the world.  We noticed the same themes in Job, the Psalms, Ecclesiastes and even Deuteronomy.  As the Teacher would say, there is nothing new under the sun.  You want realism, look no further than the prophets, as they express the doubts, pains, and complexities of life that we all experience.

Isaiah, that giant of faith, at one point exclaims, Isaiah 45:15.  Another time he cries out, Isaiah 64:1-5.  Malachi and Jeremiah protested the failure of “success theology”,  that compared their day with that of Elijah, blasting enemies with fire from the sky, whilst they were lingering in prisons and wells, if not being sawn in half!  So Jeremiah’s lament is, Jeremiah 9:1,23:9,4:19.  Click on each reference.  It sounds like Jeremiah is challenging God, Jeremiah 14:9.  How can an all-powerful, all-loving God put up with all that is going on in the world?  So the prophets were asking the same questions that arise today.  Why do godless nations do well?  Why so many natural disasters?  Why such poverty and immorality in the world, and so few miracles?  Where are you God?  When are you going to act?  We shall see as we read the prophets, that God actually answers the prophets challenging questions, defending the way He runs the world, and has some complaints of His own!

Pray that God’s will may be done on earth as it is in heaven. Of our church fellowship, pray for:
Roger & Sue

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