Daily email Number 231 – from the Pastor

When Jesus came, His kingship was proclaimed by the NT writers, especially Matthew.  He declared in Matthew 12:42 that He was greater than Solomon.  The contrast is stark.  He established His rule among the lame and poor and oppressed and ritually unclean. He belittled Solomon’s glory by comparing it to the common lily, Matthew 6:29.  He offered no rewards, but said to those who would follow Him, Mark 8:34-38. Solomon’s kingdom succeeded by accumulating wealth, whereas Jesus asks for self-sacrifice. “Lose yourself to find yourself” was His message.  The world was not ready for this kind of message, and even his disciples found it hard to accept.  Even after His resurrection they asked, Acts 1:6.
They were still expecting the return of the glory of the past.  So what of our generation, with its glorification of the health and fitness of the body, the deification of physical beauty, the goal of financial success, the importance of the music and entertaiment business.  As the teacher would say, they all lead to one place – the grave.  And Jesus concluded, “And what good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?”

So Ecclesiastes has a modern ring about it, because we have not yet learned its basic lessons.  We still chase after the attractions of the visible kingdom, illusions though they are.  It is tempting to blame God, or the lack of God, for the human condition.  Few there are who perceive despair and lack of purpose in life as a symptom of our humble need for God, or show us the home for which we were created to belong.  Tomorrow we shall conclude our thoughts…

We pray today for

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