Daily email Number 228 – from the Pastor

Perhaps one of the best known parts of the book is Chapter 3. Click and read 3:1-17.   Who does not remember the verse “There is a time for everything…?”  Then begins the part that contains the heart of the Teacher’s message, and sets the scene for the rest of it.  He considers in what ways humans resemble animals. (we all die), and in what ways we are different. 3:18-22.  Did you notice the phrase in v.10?  “I have seen the burden God has laid on men.”  That is the burden we choose, in the same way that Adam & Eve  “sought to be like God, understanding good and evil”.  They chose to deny their position as creatures, by reaching for more than God had given them.  Distrusting God, they brought the burden of the gods upon themselves.  Our generation too has taken upon itself that burden, discovering the high hopes and crushing despair.  The problems we have brought upon ourselves have arisen because of our desire to progress, believing that our success is in our own hands.  As we began the twentieth century, it looked as though science and technology would cure disease, banish pain, and allow us to live like kings.  But the progress that brought us vaccines and refrigerators and cars and airplanes, also brought us nuclear weapons, carcinogens and viruses manipulated in labs.  To quote Bruno Bettleheim, “Never have so many had it so good. We have inherited freedoms man has striven after for centuries.  But now that we are freer to enjoy life, we are deeply frustrated in our disappointment that the freedom and comfort, sought with such deep desire, do not give meaning and purpose to our lives.”  That is the feeling that the Teacher expressed so many years ago.  We continue tomorrow… 

Make a difference in the life of someone today, just a call, or a friendly wave, a greeting in passing.  It may be the only time someone has noticed them today.  You will never know what it means to some people. And pray for those in need, maybe those who have no food today because they cannot work due to lockdown somewhere in the world. When you think of others, you feel better in yourself.
Let’s pray today for
Terry & Dawn
Sharon’s mother Mary 

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