Daily email Number 222 – from the Pastor

Good morning once again,

I am back again to guide our thoughts for the coming days for our encouragement.

Life in a sense is a journey, and we have times of trial, and rests along the way.  I was reminded recently of another epic journey we read about in the Old Testament, the journey of the people of Israel as they journeyed from Egypt, the land of their slavery, into the promised land.  So many setbacks along the way, trials to face, but experiences of the gracious provision of the Lord.  Water that gushed from the rock when they were thirsty, manna on the ground every day to feed them.  Clothes and shoes that didn’t wear out in forty years.  So prone to failure, but a preview of the forgiveness of sin as they offered animal sacrifices God graciously accepted as a substitute for the death they deserved.  A preparation for the time when God Himself would come in Jesus, to reconcile the world to Himself, forgiving in Jesus the sins of those who would believe in Him. 

We too, as we live a life with God ,face trials and testings along the way.  The Lord spoke these words to Moses in the desert, read them in Exodus 34:6-7.  Years later the Psalmist quoted these words in Psalm 103:7-8.  That prayer is still prayed every morning and every evening by Jews around the world.  God has bound His love in a covenant, so that even though emotions rise and fall, in the end the love will always prevail. It continues: Psalm 103:9-14.  As Moses taught, evil is unpreventable and punishment inevitable.  But we have a God who travels by our side, who tabernacles among us through the wilderness. We have a God of grace, who loves us.

Let’s hold on to that today as we pray for each other, and remember two who were attending church before the first lockdown,
Sally; Terry

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