Daily email Number 220 – from the Vicar

We have 2 more sections in our journey through Paul’s letter to the Galatians and then for something different. Our passage today is Galatians Chapter 6 verses 1 to 10.
Here is some practical and pastoral advice about looking out for ourselves and looking after others in the Christian life, which are sort of intertwined.
In terms of looking after others, this can come in the form of restoring someone gently who has fallen into sin (v.1), carrying each other’s burdens (v.2), and doing good to others, especially those who belong to the family of believers (v.10).This last verse is interesting, because it clearly says that we should be making helping fellow Christians a priority over other forms of helping others, although not ignoring them completely.  And I think that is right. It particularly shows itself both in Paul’s time, and also today, where Christians are in the minority, where they can get ignored by the rest of society when help is needed.  We have heard from Derek and Joanna over the last few days about the new Open Doors list of countries where Christians are persecuted.  That may come in the form of aggression or imprisonment but it can also come where they are excluded from basic human rights, so verse 10 is really important.
And then in terms of looking after ourselves, there are instructions that we don’t get complacent when someone else falls into sin (v.1), don’t think we are something when we might not be (v.3), and to take responsibility for our own spiritual life and actions (v.4 onwards), remembering that we reap what we sow (v.7).It is all really helpful stuff!
From our extended church address list, please remember in your prayers today,- Andrew- George & Pat

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