Daily email Number 203 – from the Vicar

Good morning, it’s Saturday and the weekend.
Just a short passage today, Exodus Chapter 5 verses 22-27, but a sign of things to come.
The Israelites under Moses begin their journey to the Promised Land, but as they travel through the desert there is a lack of water, and when they find some, it was bitter (vs.22-23).And so they grumble against Moses (v.24), which in a sense is really grumbling against the Lord.  And it won’t be the last, there is a huge amount of grumbling in the next chapter.
So let’s pause for a moment and think.  Here are God’s people who have seen in real close-up the Lord in action and in power, (in many senses more real than we’ve ever experienced), they have been rescued and their enemy has been destroyed, but just a few days later they are grumbling because the water is bitter.Where is their trust?  Do they really think that God would abandon them so soon? 
But before we point the finger too strongly at the Israelites then, I wonder if grumbling is something we so easily do ourselves, more quickly than we dare admit.  St Paul uses the example of the Israelites then to warn the NT church not to do the same (1 Corinthians Ch.10 v.10).
Then we see the Lord do 3 things in His kindness and mercy,- Solve the problem of the bitter water in an obvious way by instructing Moses to use a nearby piece of wood (v.25).- Give the people some clear instructions which also have a sense of warning as well (v.26).- Lead them to a more agreeable place called Elim, where there is water and shade (v.27).
Indeed, how kind He is to an undeserving people!

From our church address list, please remember in your prayers today,- Sharon & George- Roger, Sue and Daniel

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