Daily email Number 201 – from the Vicar

We continue with the story of the escape from Egypt by reading Exodus Chapter 14 verses 15 to 31, a story that is retold all the way through Scripture.
I hope we can see that it is the Lord who is in charge here and initiating every step, eg v.15, vs.19-20, v.26.  Although also key is Moses’ and the people’s response to what God is saying, that they do/obey what He asks of them, eg v.16, vs.21-22, v.27.
And in the end both the Egyptians (v.25) and the Israelites themselves (vs.30-31) recognise that the Lord is fighting on their behalf and saved them.  So an amazing victory against a powerful army, and the Israelites didn’t even have to raise a little finger let alone a sword to win, it is the Lord’s work alone.  No wonder that the story is repeated all down history.  God’s people then just had to ‘trust and obey’ as the old hymn says (read v.31 again), as we are asked to do in our own situation today.  
We can look back to an even greater victory that through the cross and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, death itself is defeated, as well as the one behind it all, the devil himself.  Again it is the Lord’s work alone, we have to trust and obey in response.Let us rejoice in the Lord and these matters today.

From our church address list let us remember in our prayers today,- Tina- Azaria, Charlene’s older niece.

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