Daily email Number 200 – from the Vicar

It’s Wednesday and I’m back, and today’s email is officially number 200😅, though there have been other ones since the start of the original lockdown as well.
In view of this landmark, this is a good chapter to look at, Exodus Chapter 14 verses 1 to 14, although more of the dramatic stuff comes tomorrow.
I made quite a bit of the Passover last week, as a really significant event in the whole of the Old Testament, and that is true.  But that in a sense is just the first part of the Exodus, the escape from Egypt, the second is this, the crossing of what traditionally has been called the Red Sea, but is better translated the Sea of Reeds.
But before we get to the actual crossing, let us trace through what happens beforehand. 
– This is all part of God’s plan so that His glory is displayed for all to see (vs.1-4)
– Pharaoh having let God’s people leave, has 2nd thoughts, and changes his mind yet again, because he realises that he has lost his slave labour force which keeps the economy going (vs.5-9).
– The Israelites see Pharaoh’s army approaching and are full of fear, and their reaction is to rewrite recent past history (and it won’t be the last time!) by saying that actually they wanted to stay in Egypt all the time and serve the Egyptians (vs.10-12), which of course is utter tosh!! How easy it is to look back and pretend our past life was better than our new life with God.
– Moses responds, as a good leader of God’s people, by urging them not to be afraid, but to stand firm and trust the Lord, because He was the One who would be doing the fighting today (vs.13-14).
We’ll see what happens tomorrow…

From our church address list, please remember in your prayers today,- Nova,- Shirley and family

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