Daily email Number 198 – from the Vicar

Our passage from the Bible today is Exodus Chapter 12 verses 29 to 51, which just includes a couple of verses from our previous reading.
So after the horrendous judgement of the Lord with the killing of the first-born (vs.29-30), Pharaoh FINALLY allows the Israelites to go and leave Egypt on Moses’ terms and not his own (vs.31-32).The Egyptian people themselves want the Israelites to go as well, they can’t take any more of the plagues and other judgments that have come down on them (v.33).  And as the Lord had previously predicted the Egyptians would give the Israelites much wealth also to send them on their way (vs.35-36).This was a massive number of people on the move, 600,000 men, and of course their families and all their livestock and possessions (v.37), it is hard to get your mind round such a large number and imagine what that looked like!
Do note an interesting phrase which you can almost miss ‘Many other people went up with them’ (v.38), which presumably refers to some who were by race Egyptian.  Perhaps they were those referred to back in Ch.9 v.20, officials of Pharaoh who feared the word of the Lord, and therefore obeyed it.This might explain why the regulations for observing the Passover are included in vs.43-49, and that others can participate but only after the males have been circumcised, the outward sign at that time of being part of God’s people.  It wasn’t a purely single race thing, but open to all who obey the Lord, but it had to be clear who was in the club.
So after all the to-ing and fro-ing between Moses/Aaron and Pharaoh, the Lord has triumphed, it is His victory, and the exodus has begun.  Onward now to the Promised Land, surely nothing can go wrong now, it is all plain sailing ahead.  Well, actually no…, as we shall see in coming days.

From our church address list please remember in your prayers,- Terry & Dawn (Dawn came out of hospital at the beginning of the week, Praise the Lord)- Mary, Sharon’s Mum

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