Daily email Number 195 – from the Vicar

A shorter passage today, you might be relieved to know, Exodus Chapter 11.
This is the last of the plagues, the worst one because it is going to have the most personal impact. Every Egyptian family from the very top to the bottom will be affected. This is the Lord’s judgement, as Pharaoh (and the Egyptians) have failed to respond and hardened their hearts to all the other warnings.
This chapter is different from the previous ones, in that the plague is announced but doesn’t happen straightaway in the story, we have to wait for details of the rescue package for the Israelites first.Also note that the Lord speaks again that the Israelites are going to benefit financially when they leave (vs.2-3), previously mentioned back in Ch.3 v.21.

Then just some final points about these plagues which I’ve learnt from some reading I’ve been doing concerning these chapters.These different plagues may seem a bit random to us, but actually each of them is linked to one of the Egyptian “gods”, and were part of their worship, so the Lord using them as plagues demonstrates He is more powerful than they.Sometimes you hear in church circles that if there were more miraculous signs within the life of the church, more outsiders would believe that the Lord is God, and the Biblical accounts and church history and experience tells us that sometimes happens.  But these plagues, and of course the ministry of the Lord Jesus on earth remind us there is no guarantee.  Even the resurrection of Jesus from the dead has passed many people by, both then and now.  Some hearts remain hard or get harder still, spiritual eyes are still blind, and spiritual ears refuse to hear the voice and word of God.  There is a battle on and we need to pray.

And then in our church address list we start back at the beginning again and pray today for,- Colin & Penny- Martin & Lucie

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