Daily email Number 193 – from the Vicar

Good morning, it is Saturday and the beginning of the weekend.
I took my own medicine and listened again to yesterday’s passage using the sound button on the biblegateway link.  2 things struck me with more force; firstly just the multitude of frogs wherever you looked; on your bed and in your ovens were 2 particular places which made me go YUK!  And that secondly both the plague of blood and the plague of frogs (when they died) stunk the whole country out, just imagine.
So 3 more plagues today, as we read or listen to, Exodus Chapter 8 verse 20 to Chapter 9 verse 12.
Some things to note.- Plagues of inconvenience have become plagues of suffering, livestock die and boils break out on people, indicating God’s judgement is increasing.- God’s people, the Israelites, are protected from these judgements, the flies didn’t affect the part of Egypt, Goshen, where they were living (Ch.8 vs.22-23), and none of their animals died (Ch.9 vs.4-7), which Pharaoh had checked out for himself.- Pharaoh begins to waver (Ch.8 vs.25-28), but then changes his mind again, and his heart begins to harden even more.One writer puts it like this, ‘Despite God’s patience and ever more clear evidence as to who He was, Pharaoh (so typically of unbelievers) refused to acknowledge Him and became ever more stubborn and idiotic in his unbelief.’
But before we point our finger too much at Pharaoh, perhaps we need to recognise that we sometimes are also like this.  How often we too put God’s patience to the test.  He speaks time and again to us.  But the more He speaks to us, sometimes the less we take notice.  There are lessons to learn here.

For our prayers, Dawn is still in hospital, and is going to undergo surgical treatment hopefully today.

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