Daily email Number 192 – from the Vicar

Well it is time for the plagues, 10 in all, we’ll take the first 9 three at a time.
So our passage today is Exodus Chapter 7 verse 14 to Chapter 8 verse 19.  I suggest you read it through quickly and then again perhaps more slowly, or as I have suggested before use the audio tab on biblegateway link above, and let someone else do the hard work!
The purpose of these plagues is to change Pharaoh’s hard heart, and to show him that the Lord God, the God of Israel, is real and powerful; and for Pharaoh to change his mind and to let the Israelites leave Egypt and go.And each one of these plagues is absolutely horrible, try and imagine what it would be like for you if you got caught up in just one of them.  And if they happened today think of the wall to wall media coverage that would result!!
Interestingly the Egyptian magicians, as we saw yesterday, do have some powers so they can copy the 1st 2 plagues, but not the 3rd.  Also when Pharaoh seeks relief from the plague of frogs, he doesn’t go to his magicians, but asks Moses and Aaron to pray to the LORD, to take the frogs away (Ch.8 v.8), and even suggested he would change his mind.However, when he gets the answer he wants, he then changes his mind again (v.15).  Spoiler alert, this pattern will be repeated.When the Egyptian magicians can’t copy the plague of gnats, they recognise that the finger of God is at work (v.19), but still Pharaoh won’t listen.
More tomorrow if you can stand it!
Praying through our extended church address list, we remember today those who came regularly to Here 4 You when it was open, who haven’t been mentioned previously,
– Tracey,- Melanie,
– Chris,
– Mikala & family

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