Daily email Number 191 – from the Vicar

Sorry about the hiccough yesterday, hopefully normal service is resumed from today.
Our reading from the Bible today is Exodus Chapter 6 verse 28 through to Chapter 7 verse 13.
We see there Moses’ continued protestations that he is not up to the task (vs.29-30) and the Lord’s patient retelling of what is going to happen, both in terms of Pharaoh’s refusal to co-operate, but what the Lord will finally do in terms of bringing Israel out of Egypt (Ch.7 vs.1-5).
Sometimes people struggle with the idea of the Lord hardening Pharaoh’s heart, as if he is just a puppet and doesn’t have any say in it, but as the story progresses through the plagues that will follow, there are instances when the Pharaoh hardens his own heart.  I confess I can’t understand it all from my limited human view, but it is trying to put together both human responsibility, but also that God is in control over everything and knows the end from the beginning.
The little episode in vs.8-13 where Pharaoh’s magicians can copy the miraculous act that Moses and Aaron can perform is very interesting, and again we will see this again in SOME of the plagues that follow.  Four quick learning points from this,1) The anti-God side is powerful and can do the miraculous.2) If we see or hear about something that is amazing, even miraculous, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Lord is in it.3) There is a powerful spiritual battle going on.4) The Lord is the ultimate victor, shown here by Aaron’s staff swallowing up the magicians’ staffs. 

In our own extended church address list let us pray today for 2 who were starting to attend more regularly before the lockdown,
– Sally
– Terry

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