Daily email Number 187 – from the Vicar

It is Thursday and I’m back after my day off and an extra day’s holiday going up to Rotherham to visit our daughter Vikkie and a socially distanced walk and picnic.
So we continue the story of Moses and the passage today, Exodus Chapter 4 verses 1 to 17, doesn’t show him in a very good light.  (Remember my old mantra, the Bible is an honest book, its heroes are shown warts and all!) 
We saw back in Chapter 3 the first 2 of Moses’ objections to God’s call to him to go to Pharaoh and seek permission to lead God’s people out of the slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land.  ‘Who am I?’ in Ch.3 v.11 and paraphrasing, ‘Who are you?’ in Ch.3 v.13.
And I wrote when we looked at that passage, ‘It is not a bad thing to be cautious about taking on a task for the Lord, we should be conscious of our own sins and frailties and not do things in our own strength; but if the Lord calls, then His presence and power will be sufficient for whatever task He sets before us, ‘I will be with you’.  It is a lesson that Moses (and ourselves) needed to keep learning.’
However, here in Chapter 4 Moses continues to test the Lord’s patience with 3 more objections – he is a very SLOW learner!’What if they do not believe me or listen to me…? (v.1), despite the Lord having said previously that they would listen (Ch.3 v.18).And the Lord’s response is to graciously give Moses not 1 but 3 miraculous signs to perform in front of the people (vs.2-10) so that they would believe that the Lord is indeed behind this.
But then Moses complains that he has never been eloquent, and he is slow in speech and tongue (v.11).  To which the Lord answers that He is the one who gives each person their physical attributes, He knows what He is doing, so just go (vs.12-13).
And then finally Moses asks the Lord to send someone else (v.13)!  To which the Lord has already prepared Moses’ brother Aaron to come, but He is not happy with Moses, and His anger burned against him (v.14).  Moses’ response and lack of faith and trust is not good, and yet the Lord’s plans to rescue His people will not be thwarted.
In the Gospel stories Jesus’ disciples similarly were very slow to believe and trust Him, and yet His plans would not be thwarted.
How often we are foolish too, and often slow to understand, believe and trust our gracious Heavenly Father and Lord?  How embarrassing it might be when God seems to call us to a particular task, and then has to send someone else instead!  Plenty to reflect and ponder upon for today.

From our extended church address list let us pray today for, – Pat and Catherine- Jotham and Jethro

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