Daily email Number 184 – from the Vicar

Our story continues and we read today Exodus Chapter 2 verses 11 to 25.
Moses has now grown up and is 40 years old (so Stephen tells us in Acts Chapter 7 verse 23 which we will see on Sunday).
He has grown up in the Pharaoh’s palace, and so he looks like an Egyptian (v.19), but he obviously knows that he really is an Israelite (his own people, v.11).  Perhaps he still kept in touch with his birth mother, perhaps the princess had told him, perhaps he just KNEW.
And so when he sees a Hebrew man being ill-treated by an Egyptian he takes action, thinking no one saw him (v.12).  However, when he tries to intervene in an internal dispute between two Hebrews (v.13), the response makes it clear that everyone knows what he has done (v.14).  And so he flees into the desert, where he meets some sisters by a well, is taken home by them, and ends up marrying one of them!  (Shades of previous stories about meeting people at wells, Abraham’s servant meeting Rebekah in Genesis Ch.24, and Jacob meeting Rachel in Genesis Ch.29.)
But all the time the Israelites are in slavery, despite a change of king, and they cry out to God for help.  The Lord hears their groaning, remembers His covenant with their forefathers and with them, and prepares to act (vs.23-25).  God’s perfect plan will happen in His perfect time, with the people He has chosen.  More tomorrow…

From our church address list, we pray today for,- Tina- Derek & Joanna

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