Daily email Number 183 – from the Vicar

We continue in our readings in the book of Exodus, today Chapter 2 verses 1 to 10, and the birth of Moses, who is going to become one of the most important figures in the whole of the Bible.
My study Bible describes this section as follows: ‘The account of Moses’ remarkable deliverance in infancy foreshadows the deliverance from Egypt that God would later effect through him.’
You might also see it as an even greater foreshadowing, of a birth of another baby that was to be born some 2,000 years later.  The following are some bullet points from an assembly I did at St Mary’s School a couple of years ago when telling the children this story.  I attach the powerpoint of the whole assembly to this email if you would like to see what I did.- A special boy was to be born.- But the King wanted to kill him.
– The boy’s mother TRUSTED God in difficult circumstances and ENTRUSTED her baby to Him.
– God gave him back to his mother to look after him.
– The baby grew up into a man with a special role to save God’s people and to set them free.

Somebody asked me recently if God had a sense of humour, and I answered yes, I thought He did.  Here are 2 little examples in yesterday’s and today’s passages.
One of the most powerful men in the world at that time, the king of Egypt, has his plans to suppress God’s people, the Israelites, thwarted by different groups of godly women;the midwives (Ch.1 v.17), the Israelite mothers (Ch.1 v.19), Moses’ mother and sister (Ch.2 vs.3-4 & 7-8), and Pharaoh’s own daughter (vs.5-6 & 9-10).
Also Pharaoh is trying to have this baby boy killed, but he ends up indirectly (through his daughter whose wealth would undoubtedly come from her father) paying Moses’ mother to look after her own son!
Now both of these examples are very funny😜.  I hope they put a smile on your face today.
From our church address list, let us remember in our prayers today,- Nova- Shirley and family

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